Tobias Kast

"Sometimes one stands in one's own light and the necessary conviction to reach one's aims is missing. Then one does not exactly know what to do with one's abilities. Gabriele was recommended to me as a coach. Without knowing me, she instantly recognised through her strong intuition where my strenghts and potentials lie. The pragmatic development of a mid- and long-term career plan has already helped me very much. Gabriele also presented me with possibilities which had not yet come to my mind. I can recommend a coaching with Gabriele to all seekers out there because of her great sense for people and her professional and sympathetic being!"
Tobias Kast, München
Owner of Event Agency CP-Events and of Travel agency Running Lines – Travels for fly fishermen

"Gabriele Arntz has the knack of being able to recognise her clients' potential within just a short time. She can reveal any issues which stand in the way of developing this and find possible solutions. Collaboration with Gabriele is extremely professional and effective while also being at a refreshingly human and personal level. Amongst other things, she has excellent contacts and knows how to utilise these in terms of her clients. Gabriele Arntz helped me and is still helping me to make progress in my profession as an actor and to realise my artistic projects."
Gernot Haas, 30 years old, Vienna
Actor, trained with Prof. Elfriede Ott in Vienna, director and teacher at the leading Austrian private acting school "Ottstudio", Vienna.

"In view of the sheer unbelievable number of possibilities how to design one's professional future, it is not that easy to keep abreast of all prospects - let alone to define one's own path. Gabriele Arntz was recommended to me by a friend. I was very impressed by the manner in which Gabriele Arntz asks targeted questions, how she supportively accompanies you on your path, and by doing so, how you find out exactly what your goals are, and how you can reach them. It is exceedingly exciting to find out exactly what potential is slumbering inside of oneself - which talent is just waiting to be set free. Gabriele Arntz has decisively helped me find my way through the jungle of possibilities - and once you have found your path, it is a lot easier to actually follow it!"
Laura Grosselfinger, 26 years old, Munich
Master of Business Administration, studied International Business Studies. Laura Grosselfinger is now employed as a personnel consultant in Munich.

Ulla Benz

"Gabriele Arntz has an amazing ability of seeing and mobilizing resources in others - she has been an incredible source of motivation for me, helping me towards reaching my goals with her utmost professionalism. I am deeply indebted to Gabriele Arntz."
Ulla Benz, Manchester
Violin tutor, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK.


"The coaching with Gabriele has brought me the new and necessary insight which is essential once in a while. Her approach and personality just fit perfectly! Thank you, Gabriele for giving me such a booster! I can highly recommend anybody – especially self employees in their first business years – to get coaching from Mrs. Arntz. These social and professional networks are exactly what we need if we want to persist."
René Baratella, Munich
Owner Baratella Agency, Sales Coach and Project Manager, Media Expert.

Stefanie Hartleib

"Gabriele Arntz has helped me to believe in myself and my path and is supporting me to take one or the other yet unknown side roads to carry on my professional development."
Stefanie Hartleib, Italy
MA in business and cultural studies.

"The coaching with Gabriele Arntz has brought me a lot of clarity. I am still working on realising my ideas and goals bit by bit."
Florian Hillebrand, Munich
Interim IT Business Consultant, Master in Advanced Management (M.A.) and Computer Science Expert - Subject Area: Software Development.

"From research I'd carried out for journalistic articles on the topics of guidance and coaching, I knew that this industry had a lot of guff in the form of jingles and supposed guarantees of success rather than much in the way of substance and that you have to beware of self-confessed experts who will just leave you out of pocket. So, I was accordingly sceptical when Gabriele Arntz was personally recommended to me. But I have to say that the manner in which she goes about her business is exactly how I imagine serious coaching to be - which doesn't include having to resign yourself to endless expensive guidance sessions. Sometimes an intense conversation and the opportunity to get some moral support again shortly after taking one step or another is often enough. And this is how it is with Gabriele Arntz. She has not only helped me to improve my self-marketing approach, she has also helped me find out how to make more of my work in a way that is down to me personally, in a manner that I can deal with without having to compromise myself. She didn't bring any pre-established concepts or formulae to the table. Instead it was her clear view and clever analysis which motivated me and gave me the encouragement needed to find my hidden potential and set aside my dread of unfamiliar challenges."
Christine Schulz-Reiss, born in 1956, Steinebach
was the editor of a daily newspaper for many years. Following this, she still kept her foot in the door as a freelance journalist while her family were young and has made a name for herself in the meantime as an author of non-fiction books for teenagers, even on supposedly awkward subjects such as politics, philosophy and religion etc. Her books have also been translated into other languages and recorded as audio books.

Karin Benner

"Gabriele Arntz helped me in making a very important decision; she saw where my strengths and weaknesses were, and we were on the same wavelength from the start - I knew I was in good hands with her. She gave me a great amount of support in everything. Once again, thank you so much. I have no qualms about recommending Gabriele Arntz to others - her coaching services are unique."
Karin Benner, Wuppertal and Munich
Recruiter and stylist.

Barbara Berve

"After 15 years of self-employment I arrived at a point where I could not see the forest from the trees, was full of doubt and could no longer see any meaning in what I was doing. Because of the trustful conversation with Gabriele Arntz, her clever questions and her distinct empathy we got to the essence as Gabriele understands to create an atmosphere in which one feels secure and lifted and can speak openly. She worked the switches so that I realised which steps were necessary to discover my persepctives as well as new paths. I am very grateful for that."
Barbara Berve, Munich
Self employed agent for hotels and services for incentives, events, congresses, team building, seminars, product launches etc.; operating world-wide with focus on Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar.

"The collaboration with Gabriele Arntz helped me a lot. I value her humane qualities, her organising abilities and her power of judgement which make it easy to reach one's exact goals."
Henri Bonamy, 27 years old, Paris/Munich
Pianist and conductor highly decorated with numerous international awards. Bonamy performs on stages throughout the world, and is a regular concertee at the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Menhuin Festival Gstaad, the Ludwigsburger Festspiele, the Festival Chopin à Paris, the Hong Kong Festival, etc. He has performed chamber music with Julia Fischer, Marina Chiche, Alban Gerhard and Wen Sinn Yang. Bonamy's debut-CD is appearing in June 2008 with works by Schubert and Brahms.

"When you're self-employed it can be difficult at times to determine your own place. Where do I want to go? What are my goals and how can I realise them? The sessions with Gabriele Arntz have really helped me with these issues. Her approach impressed me thoroughly - she didn't show me my goals, instead she brought me to a stage where I could recognise and formulate them for myself. In the case of a possible implementation, she then gave me very definite advice and showed me that things which I may have considered utopian are actually within reach. This coaching has given me a real push, both in terms of myself and also my work as a designer and manufacturer of unique bags under the 'purplerose' label."
Bettina Hellbrügge-Grosselfinger, born in 1960, Wörthsee
Designer, after many years as a journalist she went out on her own with the ‘purplerose' label in 2003. Her handmade bags have the distinction of her own particular style and combine high-quality materials such as rhinestones, silk and tulle. The Süddeutsche Zeitung calls her creations "luxury for your wrist".

Tamás Kéry

"Starting with a mixed-up pile of information and ideas, Gabriele Arntz helped me keep focused in expressing my thoughts with her acute sense of detail and her clear, natural organizational skills. I gained far more clarity in my own expectations, plans and assessment of my own opportunities during the process. Many thanks for your patience."
Tamás Kéry, Nürnberg
Pianist, chamber orchestra musician, lieder accompanist Répéiteur of the Nuremberg College of Music (Musikhochschule Nürnberg) and the international opera studio at Nuremberg State Theatre.

Monika Csampai

"Gabriele Arntz has an amazing gift of thinking and feeling her way deep into someone else's situation in a very short time; she helps everyone that comes to her to find out 'which direction to gee up your horses in,' to use her own refreshing turn of phrase. I've yet to meet a more adept coach - everyone that has been to her has come out with gratitude and enthusiasm for her services. It's amazing how Gabriele can energize you with her thoroughly warm, sincere, positive and generous nature along with her great wealth of knowledge and ability in helping others, paving the way like a great guardian angel. I've gained many an insight from Gabriele Arntz in the many years I've worked with her, and I'm grateful to her from the bottom of my heart."
Monika Csampai, München

"As a student in the first semester, one does not yet have clear perceptions where exactly one is headed. Gabriele Arntz has helped me to focus on which internships or which branches are right for me. My aims were concretised through creative brainstorming and objective analysis. The open and honest conversation was very helpful and inspiring. Her effort to support me was very impressive and I am very much looking forward to a future collaboration."
Martina Lutz, 20 years old, Munich
Student at the Munich Business School.

"There are times when you're really glad to have a capable friend and agent at your side for those important decisions in life, to be one of those fortunate enough to know such a person to turn to for support at the right moment. I've known Gabriele Arntz for a number of years, and since our first work-related meeting, I knew I could reckon with her full understanding, and most importantly, mutual trust. Her intuitive and insightful approach gave me important advice that I could always use for orientation, advice that has taken me a long way - and yes, also in changing my career direction. Only a few hours of coaching were enough to make me realise my full capability and potential. Everything always seems so simple in the light of hindsight; I can only offer my warmest recommendations to Gabriele Arntz. She is a real superwoman that takes many a hurdle with as much ease as if there had not been any barrier there in the first place."
Dietmar Stanka, 47 years old, Munich
is a freelance journalist and an expert in automobiles, motor sports and travelling, and writes and photographs for publications including the Sunday issue of Germany's FAZ newspaper as well as America Journal, and

"Gabriele Arntz came to my attention through a recommendation by my sister. She was an enormous help in coming up with a structured strategy for my professional career. She also gave me useful advice as to how I could go about realising my plans."
Judith Benz, 36 years old, Gießen
Music educator, assistant lecturer at the Institute for Musicology and Music Education at the Justus-Liebig-University. Head of department for strings, teacher for violoncello, chamber music, string classes and early music education at the music schools in Gießen, Busecker Tal e.V., and the Lahn-Dill-Academy, Dillenburg. Solo cellist for the Justus-Liebig-University's Orchestra and member of the artistic staff of the international youth orchestra project "Sonidos de la tierra".
Stephanie Fausch

"Coaching with Gabriele Arntz gave me a genuine sense of optimism after a long period of not knowing how my career would develop. After a long period of contemplation and discussion, I got closer to my own goal while developing a more selective choice of available options. I'm very pleased with the coaching services, and would not hesitate in recommending Ele to anybody! Many thanks for your expertly support and assistance!"
Stephanie Fausch, Munich
(Still) at school

"Gabriele Arntz helped me find my own way and get back on track. Mainly, she supported me in discovering my own professional orientation and recognising my own potential. I particularly appreciate her honesty and openness, and most importantly, the close, personal guidance she gave me in defining my own goals. Only then did she help me on my path by making recommendations, forming ideas and arranging contacts."
Gülten Öztürk, 32 years old, Bonn
Business graduate from Bonn; studied Business in Trier, now working as a managing consultant Germany-wide.

"Surprising. Good. Surprisingly good."
Peter Stangel, 43 years old, Munich
Conductor and composer; along with international concert and opera performances, Peter Stangel has been developing a burgeoning reputation with the "taschenphilharmonie" that he founded in 2003. The first two "taschenphilharmonie" CDs immediately earned outstanding acclaim from the media and music industry. Apart from that, Peter Stangel won the promotional award for music and new media conferred from the City of Munich in the summer of 2007 in recognition of his multimedia composition project, "Autopoesia".

"We have learnt from experience that you soon reach your limits if you manage yourself as a musician. For that reason, last year we started to search for an agency that can support us with management issues and also promote us. By the end of our first consultation we already knew that we had experienced a stroke of luck with Gabriele Arntz. Her competent approach to all our musical requirements immediately convinced us. Our piano duet project "Die Funtasten" is distinctive due to the combination of serious classical music and entertaining show inserts that mean we have more or less defined our own niche in musical terms. Gabriele was quick to recognize our position and together we prepared a plan for our future management needs. Thanks to her excellent connections in the business, she was able to establish a contact with cult producer Franz Wittenbrinck, who is working with us on our show plan. Gabriele has also arranged a professional management system for us."
Jennifer Rüth and Katharina Jäkle, both 27 years - "Die Funtasten", Rostock and Himmelstadt
have made a name for themselves since their début concert last year as an "unconventional" piano duo. Currently, both pianists are specializing in studies for piano duet within the artistic branch of their basic musical training at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Rostock.