Business Coaching

What exactly is business coaching?

Business coaching gives you individual solution-oriented support for those challenges that face you in professional and business life.

Who benefits from business coaching?

Anyone in a major reorientation, change or optimisation phase will benefit from working with a coach; especially:
  • school leavers and those working on high-school graduation
  • Students and college leavers
  • Anyone starting work again
  • Anyone facing a change in career
  • Anyone affected by harassment at work
  • Managers
  • Self-employed workers, freelancers and business consultants
  • New business owners
  • (Early) pensioners

Our approach

We have aimed our coaching services at those wishing to make major changes in professional and personal life, and looking for a long-term consultant to help them speed up the process.

We will support you in developing and implementing new individual visions, missions and strategies for your career or business future - or any specific situation that needs a solution. We will encourage you to overcome current situations as well as engrained behavioural patterns holding you back, giving you the best chance to fulfil your new ambitions using the potential that you possess.

We will support you in finding the courage to change. We will encourage and nurture your motivation and personal realignment. We will bolster your natural self-esteem, confidence and determination to take on new challenges, and your sense of personal responsibility. We will provide you with the inspiration you need at the time you need it to reach your aims and objectives.

We use a combined systematic and intuitive approach for fast results.

Satisfied clients

Our satisfied clients include businesspeople, financing experts and bankers, managers, IT specialists, designers, architects, art historians, actors, presenters, directors, producers, agents, festival managers, concert organisers, stage managers, musicians, authors, journalists, PR managers, staff and company consultants, lecturers, professors, conference interpreters, publishing experts, foundation and association managers, doctors, physiotherapists and psychotherapists, skilled craftspeople, schoolchildren, students, housewives and mothers - to name but a few.